Professional Water Colours

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Professional Water Colours have 30 hues

1.From the Colour Chart given on the left, please choose your desired colour(s). (Click & touch the image to zoom in)
2.Enter the total quantity in the slot given above (eg. 421 Crimson Lake 2 Nos, 404 Yellow Green 2 Nos, 430 Opera 1 Nos = 5)
3.Email, Text or WhatsApp us the colour name and code and quantity per colour.
+94 773470711

12 ml Tubes

Transparency, Luminosity, and Richness

ShinHan Water Colors exhibit strong transparency and brilliance. The uniform spread of our water colors leaves no hard lines at the edges 

of washes. Designed with accurate formulas, ShinHan Water Colors have excellent intermixing and overlapping properties that allow artists 

to work with a wide range of techniques. 

Artists' Water Color

Artists' Water Color: beyond expectations

Artists' Water Color is carefully formulated to satisfy the needs of discerning artists. Each consists of pure pigments and high-grade gum Arabic that ensures bright and lively color. Artists' Water Color meets all the requirements of the discerning artist, including a high degree 
of light-fastness and adhesiveness. A high quality to price ratio makes ShinHan Artists' Water Color a great choice for artists at all levels.
  • 30 bright and lively colors
  • Pure pigments and high-grade gum Arabic
  • A high degree of lightfastness
  • High adhesiveness

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