Touch Twin Marker

SKU: Touch Twin
LKR 725

ShinHan Art’s TOUCH TWIN marker are available a total of 204 brilliant colors ideal for a diverse range of uses, from

  •    Animation,
  •         Illustration,
  •         Architectural renderings
  •         Interior design sketches
  •    Graphic Designing
  •    Sketches

With a unique fine point nib on one side and a broad chisel nib on the other, the TOUCH TWIN marker offers artists and designers a greater range of line thicknesses than ever before. 

The delivery of ink flow can be perfectly controlled to allow precision drawing. The ergonomically designed rectangular body resists rolling on work surfaces and provides a perfect grip that avoids smudges and smears.


A specially designed safety cap stacks neatly and prevents damage to the nibs. The TOUCH TWIN marker contains an alcohol-based ink that doesn’t dissolve printed ink toner, allowing 
for odorless, vividly colored artwork on printed materials. Refillable ink and replaceable nibs are also available for the TOUCH TWIN marker.


·         Ergonomically designed body for the perfect grip

·         Now in 204 brilliant colors

·         Double-ended with fine and broad nibs

·         The finest control of ink flow, absolutely no smudging or bleeding

·         Odorless

·         Refillable ink and replaceable nibs

Art Markers
Q: What is the best way to store the Markers?
A: Touch Markers will work fine when stored horizontally or vertically,
but the best storage method is to place markers horizontally in a dark & dry place.
Q: Can Touch Markers be used on any kind of ground?
A: Touch Markers adhere onto all possible grounds such as paper, glass, stone, wood, concrete and unglazed ceramic.
We recommend using Touch Markers on marker pads for best results.

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